What to expect from your Consultant

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Your accredited Consultant is there to offer advice on the Diet programmes available to you and to encourage you to maintain your new weight. All of our Consultants have lost weight with the Cambridge Weight Plan so their experience can help you to succeed.

In Cyprus, Cambridge Consultants are independent and self-employed. Nevertheless, they have all been trained and accredited by us and they all agree to follow our Code of Conduct which covers all aspects of a Consultant’s activity.

The Code of Conduct provides clear guidelines for Cambridge Consultants and:

  • Ensures that customers know what level of service to expect
  • Outlines the expected standard of Consulting
  • Ensures correct, responsible and safe practices.

However you make contact with a Consultant, they should deal with your enquiry politely and efficiently.

If you can’t get hold of them straightaway, just leave a message on their voicemail and they will get back to you as quickly as they can.

Before you start
Your Consultant must conduct a screening interview and complete a Personal Record Form (PRF) with you before supplying any Cambridge products.

You will be advised to see your doctor before starting Cambridge and you must sign the PRF to confirm you have been given such advice.

Please note: Your Consultant must not supply Cambridge weight loss products to anyone with a current or past eating disorder.

Your Consultant will keep a track of your progress at each visit on the back of the PRF.

Consultants will keep your record confidential and safe.

Starting Cambridge
At the first face-to-face meeting, your Consultant will weigh and measure you and then discuss an appropriate target weight with you.

Your Consultant should stress that every weight loss programme has four stages: preparation, weight loss, stabilisation and maintenance.

They will explain all the Cambridge Weight Plan Step programmes and then, after discussing your personal circumstances, your Consultant will recommend the appropriate Step to start on.

Consultants will have available a copy of the Cambridge Weight Plan Steps booklet to help guide their clients through their plan and support them throughout the weight loss and weight management process.

As you progress towards your target weight your Consultant will recommend a change of Step. Even when you reach your target, you should continue to see your Consultant until you are confident that your new weight is being successfully maintained.

Your Consultant will also explain to you any possible mild side effects and how to avoid them.

Keeping in touch
Your Consultant will call you on day two or three of your diet to see how you are getting on.

Your Consultant should arrange to see you on a weekly basis to weigh, measure and check your progress before providing further products.

Choosing your products
Your Consultant is expected to stock the complete range of Cambridge Weight Plan products and must offer you a selection of mixed products (unless you specifically want a full carton of a single flavour).

Side Effects

Your Consultant should advise you about possible temporary side-effects when using the Cambridge Weight Plan.

If you do experience any of the known transient side effects (e.g. a headache), the Consultant will advise you what you need to do and will follow-up with you until the side effects have disappeared.