Vaso Charalambous Story

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I’m 22 years old and have always had a problem with my weight, even at a young age. Although I had tried to lose weight, I would always be unsuccessful and give up. I could never understand why though, why was it so difficult? I always blamed myself that I was doing something wrong.

Disappointed that I would never be able to succeed. I was given the opportunity to appear on the tv show ‘AllaZo’ in October 2017, a program whose aim was to help people transform, using Cambridge Weight Plan for weight loss.  I knew that this was my last chance and had nothing else left to try.

I started Cambridge Weight Plan with Lisa Karatzia as my consultant. After the first two weeks of sticking to the plan, my weight loss was not to my Consultant’s liking. I thought to myself ‘here go we again’. Lisa reassured me and strongly urged me to have some specific blood tests done and told me not to be disappointed, that everything would be fine.

Once the results came in, we discovered that I had insulin resistance. Lisa explained what the problem was and sent me to an endocrinologist for a consultation. I was put on medication immediately.

From the very next week my weight began to drop! Lisa has been on my side at all times, and I am so grateful that Cambridge Weight Plan has given me my life back, the chance to fulfil my dreams. Cambridge Weight Plan changed my life to the better.

Thank you Cambridge and thank you Lisa!

Weight Loss 23kg
Consultant Lisa Karatzia
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