Training & Development

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Although Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants are not our employees, their training and development are vitally important to us.

All prospective Consultants must have first hand experience of using the Cambridge Weight Plan products. Your existing Consultant can sponsor you and will provide some initial training.

We have recently enhanced our recruitment, training and accreditation programmes. All prospective Consultants, are expected to participate in a rigorous training programme and an enhanced accreditation process. This new procedure, which is carried out over a three month period, and the completion of a number of set development modules.

This ensures that all new Consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the products and relevant company procedures from day one.

To apply to become a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant please contact your Consultant to obtain an application form.

Once accredited as a Consultant you will be able to meet other Consultants at our training/social/seminar events, and will be eligible to begin our enhanced development programme.

What you will learn

Cambridge Weight Plan has produced a range of training modules designed for new Consultants to complete at home.