Our wide range of tempting flavours and textures are available through Cambridge Consultants, ensuring there is something for everyone. Choose from one of the sachets that mix with water to make a tasty shake, soup or porridge suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For convenience, our chocolate coated meal bars and ready-made shakes make an ideal alternative when you are on the move.

*(Formulations and energy levels vary slightly worldwide to comply with individual country legislation, but the results are the same – excellent weight loss combined with nutritional assurance).


A delicious range of shakes, including some Lactose Free


A tasty choice of bars. Select from: toffee, chocolate, chocolate orange, cranberry, chocolate mint, peanut, strawberry & apple or lemon.


Our tasty porridge is good enough to enjoy at any time of the day.

Ready To Drink

Ready to Drink Milk Shakes in three flavours.


A variety of warm and inviting soups some Lactose Free.

Savoury Meals

Four mouth-watering meals, created for every Step of the Plan!


The perfect blend – rich yoghurt smoothies bursting with flavour! Choose from Cherry and Strawberry and Blackcurrant and Apple.


Vanilla Rice Pudding, the perfect dessert – fluffy and light, with a delicious vanilla undertone.

Water Flavourings

Our range of Drink Mixes are great to sip through the day. Flavours include Orange, Raspberry & Elderflower, Lemon & Lime and Watermelon and Golden Vegetable.


Turn your favourite shake into a delicious dessert! Instant gelatine powder. Source: Beef.