Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-09-04T09:42:22+00:00

Select a topic from the FAQ menu to find the answer to some common questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us. If you are taking any medication, check here which programme is suitable for you.

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Product FAQ’s: Using the Plan

How much water do I need to drink?2018-03-17T23:31:39+00:00

It is very important to consume at least eight glasses of water or other liquid per day. It is very important that we constantly replace our body fluids. Sufficient liquid intake is also necessary to maintain proper kidney function.

Why must I drink so much?2018-03-17T23:37:07+00:00

There are several reasons. A good rule of thumb for good health is to drink 4pt (2.25 ltr) of fluid a day whether trying to lose weight or not. If the Cambridge Weight Plan is used as the ?Sole Source? of nutrition, this is the minimum for good Health. The reasons for this include:A very low calorie diet (VLCD) like Cambridge produces a natural water loss and this must be replaced.Food is largely composed of water, just like our bodies. On the ??Sole Source?? programme it is necessary to compensate for the fluid that would otherwise have been taken in through food. It is important to keep the body?s fluid levels topped up to prevent the unpleasant symptoms of dehydration ? headache, dizziness, fatigue, irritability and constipation.

The Cambridge Weight Plan offers balanced nutrition but in a very concentrated form.It is therefore ideal to have 250ml (half pint) of water before each diet product to dilute the concentration of minerals and to help prevent any possible feeling of nausea.Extra fluid enables the body to get rid of the waste products associated with the breakdown of fats resulting from weight loss.

Can I drink low-calorie squashes instead of black tea and coffee?2018-03-17T23:38:09+00:00

Not on the “Sole Source” programme. However, the summer berry and sunshine orange water flavourings can be used after the second week of a VLCD to flavour some of your daily water allowance It is possible to whiten tea and coffee using small amounts of vanilla flavoured Diet from the daily quota. Leaf herb teas (mint, nettle, etc) can add variety, but avoid fruit and flower teas as they contain small amounts of carbohydrate which can cause fluid retention and induce a plateau in some dieters. Those who cannot live without the daily enjoyment of tea and coffee with milk can still lose weight with the Cambridge Weight Plan by following one of the “with food” programmes (see Chapter 2) for which there is a daily milk allowance.

Is alcohol allowed while taking the Cambridge Weight Plan?2018-03-17T23:39:32+00:00

No. Alcohol contains seven calories per gram and is of no other significant nutritional value.

Is it OK to drink coffee on Sole Source?2018-03-17T23:40:15+00:00

Consumption of large quantities of coffee or Colas is not recommended. If you feel you must drink them, the decaffeinated forms are preferred. Caffeine acts as a stimulant to the body systems and sometimes provides an irritant effect. Herbal teas offer a pleasant alternative.

Will I feel hungry on Sole Source?2018-03-17T23:48:14+00:00

Some hunger is experienced during the first one or two days but on the third day it usually disappears completely. This is because your body has adjusted to its new balance of just over 800 kcal per day. If you cheat, you will become very hungry indeed, because eating food only stimulates your hunger more, so it is best to stick to the Diet and do not supplement it, at least for four weeks when you can have a break.

Can I chew calorie-free gum on the Sole Source programme?2018-03-17T23:49:12+00:00

It is best not to because chewing gum stimulates the release of gastric juices which in turn will make you feel hungry. Only chew for 2 or 3 minutes if you feel you have to.

Will I need vitamin supplements while using the Cambridge Weight Plan?2018-03-17T23:51:05+00:00

The big plus about Cambridge is that, unlike other diets, you do not need to take extra supplements. Each item offers a third of the recommended daily allowance of all vitamins, minerals and trace elements, so three a day gives the required amount of these.The main worry when people go on food-based slimming diets, is that reduction in food means reduced nutrient intake which in turn puts health at risk. It is impossible to achieve complete nutritional support from conventional food on less than 1200 Kcal a day. Even then, extensive nutritional knowledge and a wide variety of foods need to be consumed to ensure adequate intake of all those vitamins and minerals. Cambridge has cracked that problem by formulating a diet that has programmes (up to 1500 kcal per day) using the Diet as a nutritional foundation with conventional food. Cambridge Weight Plan customers have confidence that they can lose weight safely and not put health at risk.

Do I have to take all three meals on Sole Source?2018-03-17T23:54:06+00:00

In Cyprus you must have FOUR Cambridge meals when on the Sole Source programme. You must also take four drinks of skimmed milk as a frappe or latte drink, or a diet yogurt.Three Cambridge meals are only permitted when taken with an additional conventional meal, so that you are on a minimum of 800 calories per day.

At what age should a person stop using the Cambridge Weight Plan?2018-03-17T23:55:12+00:00

A person who has medical problems should not be on any type of diet without a doctor?s supervision.

Can a sixteen year old use any of the Cambridge weight loss programmes?2018-03-17T23:56:20+00:00

Children between the ages of 14 and 18 should be encouraged to follow healthy eating advice given in ?Balance of Good Health? (Health Education Authority) and to increase levels of activity. If this is unsuccessful, then a Cambridge programme with food (1000 to 1500 kcal) can be followed. The recommendations for this programme are very specific, carefully structured and easy to follow. The support of the child?s parent or guardian should be encouraged wherever possible. Young people require lots of support to keep them motivated, to ensure they follow the programme correctly and to achieve a realistic stable weight long term.

Do I need to prepare for the Sole Source programme?2018-03-17T23:57:05+00:00

Yes. Problems arising at the start of the ?Sole Source? programme can be prevented by preparing in the week prior to the agreed start date by: gradually reducing food intake, particularly carbohydrate. This will prevent carbohydrate withdrawal headaches and hasten the onset of ketosis with all its benefits ? particularly reduced hunger. Increasing water intake to 1.7 ltrs (3 pts) per day. Using a natural bulking agent (eg Fibre 89) at a level appropriate to your needs will prevent a problem later (for those who have a history of constipation).Check up with your doctor if necessary.Preparation will prevent “The Last Supper Syndrome”, ie a binge the day before ?Sole Source? which increases glycogen stores, delaying the onset of ketosis and increasing feelings of tiredness and hunger.

We recommend that you prepare for a week on the next step up from that selected for weight loss. For example, if it was agreed to follow the 810 kcal programme for weight loss, prepare at the 1000 kcal level, then drop down for the weight loss phase.

When do I need to think about maintenance?2018-03-17T23:57:48+00:00

At the beginning. The importance of maintenance needs to be made clear to anyone embarking on a Cambridge Weight Plan programme at whatever calorific level.
Weight maintenance does not start when target weight is achieved but should be a significant component of the initial consideration when the obese person first seeks help. Successful long term weight management is only achieved by making long-term permanent changes to diet and lifestyle. The seeds for these long term changes need to be sown early. The Cambridge Weight Plan is not a “quick fix”. The role of the Diet and the Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant is ongoing.

How do I maintain my new weight when I reach my target?2018-03-17T23:59:58+00:00

If a person achieves a desired weight and then goes back to the bad food habits of a lifetime that put the weight on in the first place, it is inevitable that the weight lost will be regained. The Cambridge Weight Plan gives rapid weight-loss, but it also provides a sound nutritional base for those who are at their desired weight and who want to maintain it, by following the stabilization programme.

Do you recommend exercise with the Cambridge Weight Plan?2018-03-18T00:00:43+00:00

Do not start a strenuous exercise programme at the same time as you start the Cambridge Weight Plan. (IF you are already following a vigorous exercise programme then you may need to moderate it to a less active level for a week or two.)

Moderate exercise is useful once you start to lose weight, providing that it is approached with caution and not done with excess. Walking or cycling is excellent exercise, but start slowly, and do not overdo it at the beginning.

I am a Muslim; how can I continue on Sole Source during Ramadan?2018-03-18T00:01:41+00:00

Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the Muslim year. During daylight hours, rigid fasting is observed which means that the Cambridge Weight Plan and water will need to be consumed before sunrise and after sundown. During the time available, intake should be spread out as evenly as possible and might necessitate rising a bit earlier. It is not advisable to take more than one diet at a time as the increased carbohydrate intake may take the customer out of ketosis, making it even more difficult for them to stay motivated and stick with the programme. It may be permissible to delay the fast for health reasons, or alternatively commence the “Sole Source” diet after Eid ul Fitr.