BBC TV experiment: Junk food ‘addict’ loses three stones in two months

A mother-of-two who gorged on fast food and takeaways despite undergoing  weight loss surgery has finally kicked her bad eating habits after going on a crash diet.

Rebecca Balentine, from Basingstoke, confessed on BBC’s The Big Crash Diet Experiment that she had learned how to ‘cheat’ her gastric band by having soft drinks with her food to push it into her stomach as well as ‘stretching’ her throat.

But after growing tired of her junk food addiction, Rebecca was desperate to break the cycle.

Along with three other obese volunteers she embarked on an extreme diet which saw her swap her unhealthy meals for nine weeks of low calorie soup and shakes, losing nearly three stone in the process.
They all achieved impressive weight loss following the crash diet and after four months, all had kept that weight off.

Cambridge Weight Plan meal replacements are a more effective alternative than a conventional diet says Professor Susan Jebb of Oxford University who conducted the weight loss experiment featured on the BBC Horizon programme:

‘In fact you’re probably more likely to have a more nutritionally complete diet by taking one of these specially prepared formulae than if you try to just assemble real food yourself.’

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