Andreas Matsoukaros Story

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I am 20 years old and a student at culinary school. I live and work for a patisserie in Nicosia. My weight has been a burden for many years and even at a young age, I jumped from overweight to obese very quickly. By the time I was 20, I had reached 99 kg, with a height of only 1.75 m. I knew I was being talked about and my health was beginning to pay the price. My cholesterol was climbing higher than the norm and I was on the verge of diabetes type 2. My physician suggested I lose weight. I visited two dieticians but lost only 1-2 kg and got bored with counting calories. So I would tire and stop. I wanted something quicker and more effective. I visited Maria Simpson, my local Cambridge Consultant and started the programme in mid-July 2017.

Within three months I had lost my excess weight – and even managed to follow my Plan working around food and cakes all day! The changes I have noticed with my body are spectacular and my new blood tests are very good. On returning to Nicosia, my friends could not believe that it was me and asked how this miracle had happened. I explained how fast and effective the Cambridge Weight Plan is. I have been maintaining for three months and have not gained a gram. I feel great that I can wear any clothes I like. I now cook and like to create and eat healthy, delicious meals. I thank Cambridge Weight Plan and Maria Simpson, as both have helped me improve my health and to regain my lost self-esteem.

Weight Loss 28kg
Consultant Maria Simpson
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